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Aviator Villages

New investment unparalleled in the domestic real estate market

Barkocin, Poland

Coming soon

Located in the picturesque surroundings of Kashubian forests, close to 3 landscape parks. Holiday and recreational complex of year-round houses, with accompanying attractions/golf approach, an island on the artificial pond, rope park and recreational areas for children. The foundation is created as the neighborhood of a landing field for light airplanes.

Attendant buildings are also planned - hotel, restaurants, hangar with park places to rent, service workshop, flying school, etc.

Private aviation is one of the very popular hobbies in developed countries. For several years, a trend has been observed in Poland indicating the growing popularity and accessibility of this aviation sector. The number of light planes registered by private owners increases year by year. However, there are no places dedicated to aviation enthusiasts in our country. We want to meet the current trends and create a place of rest for owners of the plane, and also for those who are passionate about aviation and would like to combine rest close the nature and aviation technology - for example organizing aerial picnics.

AVIATOR's Villages park has the potential to become a popular destination among foreign tourists - users of airplanes.

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Property Details:

Project Type

Holiday Park

Project Area

20 hectares


Barkocin, Poland

Property Type


Property Size

1000 - 1800 m2


Coming soon

Looking for

buyer, joint investor

Property Management


Contact us:

+48 515 870 007

+38 098 866 0000 (WhatsApp)


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