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The Magical World of Love

Secure 7% ROI and 50% Asset Growth by 2026

Altıntaş, Aksu/Antalya, Türkiye

from € 107 000

Welcome to "Magical World Of Love," an investment opportunity of a lifetime that promises not only a home in the heart of luxury but also a financially rewarding venture. With a guaranteed 7% return on investment (ROI) for five years and a minimum of 50% appreciation in property value by the end of construction, this project is designed to enchant both your heart and your portfolio.

Located among a beautiful valley and a vibrant Altıntaş facade, "Magical World Of Love" presents 788 exquisite apartments, carefully planned by the visionary architect Adil Okur. The project covers a vast area of 22,800 m2, providing plenty of room for high-end amenities, recreational activities, and beautiful greenery.

Investors have a wide range of residences to choose from, including cozy 1+1 apartments and spacious 2+1 family homes. Some of these properties even offer unique features like Swim Up garden access or private pool terraces. Each home is designed with a dual-facade to create a peaceful sanctuary with breathtaking views. Additionally, the inclusion of eco-friendly solar panels showcases a dedication to sustainable living.

The "Magical World Of Love" is not just a residence; it's a fully-integrated luxury community that offers:

  • A comprehensive Life Center with shopping malls, dining, and daily conveniences like an Irish pub, Starbucks, and Migros market.

  • A plethora of social amenities including a lobby, reception, indoor and outdoor parking, electric vehicle charging stations, adult and child swimming pools, and an indoor pool.

  • A holistic spa with a Turkish bath, sauna, fitness center, steam room, salt room, massage rooms, and an exclusive VIP spa room.

  • A variety of entertainment and relaxation options such as a meeting room, library, bowling alley, billiards, darts, foosball, PlayStation area, cinema hall, pool bar, barbecue area, Mini Club, children's play area, aquapark, and hiking trail.

  • Privileged access to a private beach, complimentary VIP beach entrance, and shuttle services to various destinations.

  • Advanced security with 24/7 surveillance to ensure a safe and serene living environment.

Located just 1.5 km from the airport and in close proximity to prominent shopping centers, "Magical World Of Love" offers a perfect blend of convenience and exclusivity. The investment terms are highly appealing, mirroring the luxurious lifestyle provided. With a 50% initial payment and the remaining amount conveniently payable in installments, investors can enjoy peace of mind. Additionally, there is a promising 7% guaranteed return on investment for five years, along with a projected minimum 50% increase in property value by the project's completion in late 2026.

Discover the incredible potential of this unique investment opportunity at "Magical World Of Love," where you may take pleasure in an extravagant life while receiving highly skilled financial guidance. Consider investing in a property that offers both a comfortable living space and the potential to enhance your financial portfolio.

Property Details

Project Type


Property Type

Rental Apartment

Project Area

Property Location

Altıntaş, Aksu/Antalya, Türkiye

Property Size

50 - 168 m2

Property Management


Looking for



€ 107 000 - 477 000

Contact us:

+48 515 870 007

+38 098 866 0000 (WhatsApp)



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