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Modrok Resort

A Prime Investment Opportunity for Restoration and Expansion

83-323 Łączyno, Poland

€ 6 800 000




Investment description

Investment will consist in the construction of three 3-storey residential buildings (3 above-ground storeys) and basements. There are 26 apartments designed in each of the buildings. Moreover, in the apartments located at the gable walls, on attic level there are designed mezzanines, opened to the living room. In each of 3 underground garages there are located 20 parking lots.

The other part of the investment is a hotel building, also in the most part 3-storeys high (3 above-ground storeys). The entrance area is located in the central part of the hotel. Nearby there is also designed a restaurant, kitchen, office, luggage storage and conference rooms. Above them there is located a swimming pool, SPA and saunas. Above the changing rooms and communication there is mezzanine open to the SPA, which is a part of it, glazed from the north and from the south (with a view of the pool and lake). Both remaining parts of the hotel have 3 floors developed with hotel rooms, communication and rooms for hotel service. In the underground part of the hotel there is a garage with 163 parking lots, a technical rooms and a service part for the hotel users (multimedia room, bar, billiards, gym, children’s playroom).

A part of investment is also the construction of 20 recreational houses located on the water, in the shelter of trees, at a distance of 40-90 meters from the lake shore. There are 3 houses with usable area of 57 sq m and 17 with usable area of 52 sq m.

  • 129 hotel rooms

  • 78 dwellings 30m, 2-75m2, 20 recreational houses

  • Conference room, restaurant, swimming pool, SPA, bar, multimedia room, billiards, gym, children’s playroom

Parking lots:

  • 1pl/1dwelling

  • 1pl/ 1house 

  • 193pl/hotel 

  • 2pl for coach

Usable area of hotel: 8872m2 +usable area of underground parking: 4272m2

Usable area of 3 residential buildings: 3 x 1243m2 

TOTAL 3730m2 +usable area of 3 underground parkings: 3 x 520m2 

TOTAL 1560m2

Area of 20 recreational houses:

3 x 57m2 17 x 52m2 

TOTAL 1055m2

Property Details:

Project Type

Holiday Park

Project Area

15759 m2


83-323 Łączyno, Poland

Property Type

Land & Buildings

Property Size

15759 m2


€ 6 800 000

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Property Management


Contact us:

+48 515 870 007

+38 098 866 0000 (WhatsApp)


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