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Sady Mikolajki

Hotel & Apartments in a prestigious resort destination and yahting area

Mikolajki, Poland


The investement is located in a charming ladscape of Masurian villages - Mikołajki - a popular tourist region of Poland. The surrounding consists of the residential buldings and fields. The plot is situated near Tałty lake (500 m).

Project Sady Mikołajki consists of the 7 apartment buldings one of which has commercial area on the ground floor. The basic apartement unit is a 75 m2 flat. There will be an outside parking lot and in up to 3 buldings an underground garage halls.

Plot area - 2 hectares (19831 sq.m.), of which 25% are provided for development:

  • 120 apartements for 75 m2 each

  • Area of developement: +/- 5000 m2

  • Total area: 13650 - 15600 m2 (depands on the quantity of the garage halls)

  • Usable apartments area: +/- 9000 m2

  • Commercial area: +/- 500 m2

* Mikołajki is located in the heart of Masuria, the edge of lakes and beautiful nature. Located on the shores of two of the Great Masurian Lakes - Talty and Mikolaysk, the city is their largest port. The main yacht club of Poland is also located here and every summer professional yachtsmen and other yachting or water sports amateurs come here. Also in the warm season, the city turns into a vibrant tourist center and attracts those wishing to actively relax on the lakes among the enchanting landscapes.

There are many architectural and historical attractions in the vicinity of Mikołajek.
Finally, in Mikołajki there is the largest water park in the region, where not only locals like to relax, but also where many tourists come to.

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Property Details:

Project Type

Holiday Park

Project Area

19831 m2


Mikolajki, Poland

Property Type

Land for development

Property Size

19831 m2



Looking for

buyer, joint investor

Property Management


Contact us:

+48 515 870 007

+38 098 866 0000 (WhatsApp)


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