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Anna's Global Real Estate Perspective: Highlights from FIABCI World Congress

Anna, a seasoned real estate investment advisor and a prominent figure in the international real estate community, recently attended the FIABCI World Real Estate Congress in Paris. This event brought together more than 500 FIABCI representatives from over 70 countries, making it a significant gathering of global real estate leaders.

The Congress Overview

The event, moderated by the renowned Swiss presenter Fernardo Tiberini, included a multitude of activities such as the Building Better Lives forum, B2B meetings, and specialized sessions for different sectors within the real estate industry. These sessions were led by notable figures like Will Gibb and Steve Cohen from the French investment sector.

A Historic Venue Adds to the Grandeur

The FIABCI World Real Estate Congress in Paris took place in a truly unique and historically significant venue—Hôtel de Ville. This iconic location has been the seat of the city's municipal government since 1357, adding an extra layer of prestige to the gathering. For Anna and all attendees, this setting further underscored the global importance and longstanding tradition of excellence in the real estate industry.

A Unique Opportunity for Global Networking

For Anna, who has attended FIABCI World Congresses globally, from Panama to Greece, these events have always been a unique opportunity to strengthen her position in the international real estate market. They offer unparalleled platforms to establish new business contacts, particularly crucial for her focus on new development projects across various countries like Turkey, Georgia, Spain, Bali, Poland, and Panama.

Judging Excellence in Real Estate

Anna has served as a judge for the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Awards since 2017. This prestigious award celebrates real estate projects that exemplify the highest standards in quality, innovation, sustainability, and community impact. The jury, made up of esteemed international judges, including Anna, evaluate projects based on comprehensive criteria such as architectural design, environmental impact, and community benefits.

Insight into Emerging Trends and Opportunities

For real estate investors working with Anna, her involvement in such significant events provides direct access to emerging global trends and investment opportunities. The 31 awards given out this year covered various sectors from affordable housing to environmental and heritage projects, offering a snapshot of where the best opportunities may lie.

Global Recognition and Excellence

The winners of this year’s awards came from diverse regions such as the United States, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, Georgia, Italy, and Austria. Some notable winners include:

  • Affordable Housing Category: SkyAwani 2 Residences (Malaysia)

  • Environmental Category: Rehabilitation of Provincial Highway 9 (Taiwan)

  • Heritage Category: The Medelan (Italy)

This diversity not only enriches Anna's understanding of global real estate but also augments her ability to advise investors on opportunities worldwide.

Anna’s participation in the FIABCI World Real Estate Congress in Paris reiterates her commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities in the real estate world. Her role as a judge at the event further establishes her as a thought leader in the sector, offering invaluable insights for investors looking to navigate the global real estate market successfully.


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