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  • Anna Koval

Investment land in Poland

2018 saw a continuation of increased demand on the investment land market. Developers have been looking for land for further - both residential and commercial - investments.

Land plots within city boundaries, especially in city centres, are preferred locations. However, such offers in the largest cities are in short supply, and if there are - they reach very high prices, which determines the type of investment to be set up - most often it holds an office-service or residential (with an apartment standard) function.

In medium-sized cities and towns, land plots are purchased for local, small commercial and holiday parks and villages. On the other hand, the demand for land for large-area shopping centres slowed down.

Here the growing supply of urban post-industrial properties sold out by local municipalities as well as private owners partially satisfy investors' appetit for favourable inner-city locations.

They are characterised by a high potential due to their attractive locations and non-standard industrial architecture, transformed into, among others, fashionable residential and office

lofts. The growing demand for land for various types of investments in recent years has contributed to an increase in prices, on average by 15% in the case of the most favourably located areas.

In collaboration with top developers of Poland we propose to our investors investment land for industrial, commercial and residential purposes in attractive locations. Details by the link.


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