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  • Anna Koval

Where to invest in Real Estate in 2023 - sectors to watch

"The rotation from the traditional Real Estate to other parts of the built environment is here to stay" - UK fund manager.

Anna Property Hunter | Real Estate Investment Trends

According to PWC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2023 Survey, Investors chooses leisure hotels, serviced apartments & retirement/assisted living as a preferable and generally good investment prospects in Europe.

Anna Property Hunter | Real Estate Investment Trends

Various forms of housing dominate the top 10 picks from survey respondents. Retirement/senior living is the highest rated of the residential sub-sectors for investment, up from seventh place last year, and among the top 10 for development, driven by the growing needs of an ageing population and the fact that COVID-19 showed a lot of older stock in the sector to be obsolete.

Anna Property Hunter | Real Estate Investment Trends

Interviewees also remain confident about the prospects for leisure travel in the medium to long term. “With the Gen Z, the millennials and emerging middle classes very much focusing on new experiences, we are looking at where these experiences come from, for example, travel and leisure,” one global pension investor says. “That’s an important area where this group will spend money. And where they spend money, we should be investing.”

We can propose to investors numerous such an investment opportunities in top locations and attractive return.


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