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Ecolake Village

Amazing new holiday resort next to the beautiful lakes

Starzno, Poland

from 55 000 €

Ecolake Village (Starzno Lakeside Resort) makes an interesting investment for more than one reason. It acts as both an asset for holidaymakers and for those aiming for a high potential return (rental and capital gain) on their investment. There are multiple added values to discover in the immediate vicinity. seek out their entertainment in Ustka, on the coast, and further inland on the lakes around Starzno. 

• For even more modern facilities in the Starzno Holiday Resort area, head to Bytow, just 45 km (40 minutes) by car. The lovely provincial city is home to 17,000 inhabitants and is around 9 km². Escape and breathe the air of new places ... 

• Just 10 km to the west of the resort is Miastko, a picturesque town with 11,000 inhabitants across a surface of 5 km², and with a great range of essential amenities and facilities such as shops, restaurants and banks. Several Miastko residents go on weekend and holiday trips to local lakes, such as Starzno, where they are unfortunately all too often faced with a notable shortage of quality holiday homes for short-term stays. 

• A road trip of just 45 minutes (50 km) takes you to the SME city of Slupsk. With 91,000 inhabitants and a surface area of 43 km², this is one of the most densely-populated cities in Poland. The inhabitants of Slupsk generally 

• The city of Kościerzyna is situated a little further to the east (80 km, or 1 hour’s drive), and with 23,000 inhabitants and its cosmopolitan ambience, is the ideal destination for a day trip from Starzno Holiday Resort. You can find fantastic restaurants, shops and cafés along with several sights there.

Starzno Lakeside Resort comprises 140 (semi-detached) homes in a contemporary architectural style, equipped with all modern comforts and with high-tech facilities. This luxurious resort’s true heart is the hotel filled with 50 rooms to ensure guests enjoy that ultimate holiday feeling.

The homes:

All homes centre around a unique experience concept. The resort extends over the water line of the lake in Starzno for about 350 metres. Visitors renting these holiday homes can enjoy:

• a hotel with swimming pool

• fitness, spa and wellness centre

• reception

• restaurant and bar

• entertainment: playground, camp fire, petanque, etc.

The resort is set to consist of even more than holiday homes and hotel rooms; it will also boast over 30 luxuriously-furnished Floating Houses on the lake, each with its own jetty. The remarkable combination of a 50-room hotel and maximum comfort, 140 elegant semi-detached holiday homes, and 30 chic Floating Houses on the lake all make this resort unique in Europe.

Holiday villages are a hit in Poland. These self-sufficient, recreational ’mini municipalities’ have it all: everything you need as a tourist (in your own country) to make your stay wonderfully memorable. Compared to hotels where you stay as a holidaymaker en route to or while visiting your final destination, Polish holiday villages are complete destinations in themselves.

You can come home all year round, every year. Overall, you stay surrounded by authentic, natural splendour, your dining desires are catered to, and thanks to the extensive on-site array of sport and

entertainment activities, there’s never time to be bored.

Everything has been considered to delight all ages. It’s all right here. So the resorts aren’t simply popular during the summer, but bubbling with vitality all 12 months of the year. You let yourself fall under the spell of the other three seasons in the great outdoors. You surrender to the pleasures of a spa, sauna, or restaurant visit. Or you rediscover the magic of playtime taking your (grand) children to the swimming pool or indoor playground. At the end of every day, you enjoy the genuine comforts of your home away from home.

Polish holiday resorts are so much more than simply a collection of holiday homes and leisure facilities. These are real communities where the visitors share interests, friendships form, and new business contacts are forged.

Starzno Lakeside Resort is a luxurious, ecologically responsible residence complex that promises the most beautiful (holiday) memories. With its 140 traditionally built, semi-detached homes, and its unmatched location close to the beautiful lakes around Starzno, this resort appeals to the imagination of every added-value seeker.

Business or pleasure, a woodland walk, a boat trip on one of the mirror-like lakes, or a deep breath of sea air along the rugged coast, every guest finds their ideal inspiration here. Those who value a healthy mind in a healthy body can let off steam in the fitness room, paddling a kayak, or pedal boating across the water. Plans can be made around the campfire, and deals closed in the restaurant.

The park also has its own 50-room hotel to welcome, for example, wedding guests, and participants in seminars, company outings, or incentives. Capacity for these events includes meeting rooms and a banquet hall.

Your heart is tugged to invest in Poland, but your mind dares to doubt a solid return? We are certain that you can enjoy an attractive rental return in the location of your choice. That is why we let you take your pick from 2 formulas:

• A purchase without a guaranteed rental return.

In this case, your return varies depending on the actual rental income. With a 120-day occupancy rate at the rental price of €125 per day, the potential income after all cost deductions is already 7%. With higher occupancy rate, that percentage can increase. Returns of 8% and more are not unusual.

• A purchase with guaranteed rental return.

If you prefer a fixed additional income, you can opt for a guaranteed return of 7% for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery of the investment property.

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Property Details

Project Type

Holiday Park

Property Type

Land plots

Looking for

buyer, joint investor

Project Area

11 hectares

Property Size

800-1500 m2


€ 45-65/ m2

Property Location

Starzno, Poland

Property Management


Contact us:

+48 515 870 007

+38 098 866 0000 (WhatsApp)


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