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Modrok Resort

A Prime Investment Opportunity for Restoration and Expansion

83-323 Łączyno, Poland

€ 6 800 000

Welcome to Modrok Resort, an esteemed establishment situated in a charming lakeside setting, providing a harmonious combination of scenic splendor and unexplored possibilities. This current complex offers a distinctive chance for renovation and enlargement, converting it into a contemporary and opulent attraction.

Hotel Component The existing hotel structure spans 8,872 m², featuring 129 rooms. The plan includes revitalizing the interiors and amenities to meet contemporary luxury standards. The proposed design incorporates an underground parking facility for 163 vehicles (4,272

m²), a restaurant, a state-of-the-art SPA center, a swimming pool, and versatile conference rooms, enhancing the property's appeal to both leisure and business travelers.

Residential Buildings The project envisions the construction of three 3-storey residential buildings, adding a total of 26 modern apartments ranging from 30 to 75 sq.m. Each building is thoughtfully designed to include basement parking spaces, catering to the needs of residents. The apartments, particularly those at the gable ends with attic-level mezzanines, offer a blend of space, comfort, and elegance.

Recreational Houses Further enriching the resort's appeal, the plan includes 20 recreational houses strategically located on the water, nestled amidst trees and positioned 40-90 meters from the lake shore. These houses vary in size (52 to 57 sq.m), each promising a serene and private retreat, harmoniously blending with the natural surroundings.

Amenities and Services In line with the resort's expansion, the project will enhance existing facilities, including a conference room, restaurant, swimming pool, SPA, bar, multimedia room, billiard room, gym, and children’s playroom. The parking provision is meticulously planned, with one parking space per residential unit, house, and additional spaces for hotel guests and coaches.

Attractiveness for investment

Modrok Resort is an outstanding investment opportunity, with substantial potential for increased value and rental appeal. The project, which includes both renovation and new construction, is positioned to become a prominent attraction, blending distinctive design and luxurious amenities. This investment opportunity seeks individuals with a forward-thinking mindset to redefine the concepts of luxury and leisure. It offers the chance to take advantage of its promising location and wide possibilities.

Property Details

Project Type

Hotel & Resort

Property Type

Land & Buildings

Project Area

15759 m2

Property Location

83-323 Łączyno, Poland

Property Size

15759 m2

Property Management


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€ 6 800 000

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+48 515 870 007

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