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Holiday parks in Poland - best place for investments

Anna Property Hunter | Real Estate Investment in Poland

Unknown is unloved. That certainly applies to Poland and it's new investment trends - Holiday parks. Fortunately, knowledge of the country today is no longer limited to its wartime past, the fall of communism, a few landmark cities, or the names of some (inter)national celebrities. Poland is on the rise! It’s no longer a grey mouse.

In recent years, this land of fields and forests has assumed an increasingly prominent place, on the discovery list of diverse holiday destinations, and on the wish list of smart foreign investors. So, we can conclude with certainty that Poland is back from never being away. And how!

Filled with lively, colourful urban destinations including Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznań and Gdańsk – just to name a few – Poland invites visitors to city hop. Its many typical restaurants encourage exploring classic Polish cuisine. Plus, the diversity of its landscape and immense natural wealth are unmatched. Poland is dotted with 23 national parks, encompassing a total area of 300,000 hectares. About 30% of the land is covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. And its Masurian Lakeland is second only to Finland in lake count (over 2,600). The Tatra Mountains reign over the south while the Baltic Sea presides over the north.

Poland promises all kinds of tourism and sporting opportunities, and a complete range of recreation, stretching from water sports and mountaineering to skiing.

And there’s more...

Poland offers Europe’s best macroeconomic foundation for strong expansion potential in the long-term. It also holds excellent cards for continued healthy growth over the next 10 to 15 years. That all makes it very compelling for smart and lucrative investment.

It is the EU country least affected by the economic recession resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Poland’s greatest asset is its population. Poles are hardworking, ambitious people. Their motivation, professional ethics, and unique sense of initiative are particularly acclaimed.

“For the past two decades, Poland’s economy has flourished and earned the nickname of European Tiger.”


It is the only EU country that has avoided a recession, and the national budget is doing significantly better than the EU average. The extensive internal market (38 million consumers), free access to the European market (500 million users), and easy connection to Eastern European countries, speak for themselves.

Buyers from European Union member states have the same property rights as Polish citizens. Daily efforts are being made to simplify administrative procedures and increase the flexibility of local authorities. Compared to the European average, quality of life for Polish citizens has increased quite significantly over the past five years.

Polish tourism is booming

Poles are known for going on holiday within their own country. Of all the holidays the Polish population books annually, 80% are spent within their own borders. Only 20% of Polish travellers look for other places to go. The available accommodations must be divided with the massive annual influx of foreign tourists.

In 2019, Poland welcomed 35.7 million visitors, for a total of 93.3 million overnight stays. That means there is an acute shortage of quality facilities like hotels, holiday homes, and holiday parks. Leading to plenty of options for the smart investor, with an exceptional return.

“Poland is one of the world’s best countries to invest in.”


Holiday parks and resorts becomes hit in Poland. These self-sufficient, recreational ’mini municipalities’ have it all: everything you need as a tourist (in your own country) to make your stay wonderfully memorable. Compared to the hotels where you stay as a holidaymaker en route to or while visiting your final destination, Polish holiday villages are complete destinations in themselves.

You can come home all year round, every year.

Overall, you stay surrounded by authentic, natural splendour, your dining desires are catered to, and thanks to the extensive on-site array of sport and entertainment activities, there’s never time to be bored.

Anna Property Hunter | Real Estate Investment in Poland

Everything has been considered to delight all ages. It’s all right here. So the resorts aren’t simply popular during the summer, but bubbling with vitality all 12 months of the year. You let yourself fall under the spell of the other three seasons in the great outdoors. You surrender to the pleasures of a spa, sauna, or restaurant visit. Or you rediscover the magic of playtime taking your (grand) children to the swimming pool or indoor playground. At the end of every day, you enjoy the genuine comforts of your home away from home.

Polish holiday resorts are so much more than simply a collection of holiday homes and leisure facilities. These are real communities where the visitors share interests, friendships form, and new business contacts are forged.

Your heart is tugged to invest in Poland, but your mind dares to doubt a solid return? We are certain that you can enjoy an attractive rental return in the location of your choice. That is why we let you take your pick from 2 formulas:

• A purchase without a guaranteed rental return

In this case, your return varies depending on the actual rental income. With a 120-day occupancy rate at the rental price of €125 per day, the potential income after all cost deductions is already 7%. With higher occupancy rate, that percentage can increase. Returns of 8% and more are not unusual.

• A purchase with guaranteed rental return

If you prefer a fixed additional income, you can opt for a guaranteed return of up to 7% for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery of the investment property.

Management companies takes care of the rental of your holiday home in Poland. In the high- and mid-season it will mainly be rented out to local tourists, because Poles like to take holidays in their own country. In doing so, they often run into a shortage of quality accommodation facilities. The better hotels and holiday resorts are fully booked months in advance.

In the low season, it will target another market, the businesses (incentives, teambuilding, ...), wedding planners and local associations that organise all kinds of activities for and with their members.

Rental return vs. own

The rental income result is inversely proportional to the length of your own enjoyment of your home. That simply means the more you wish to use the villa for your own holiday purposes, the less return it can yield. Of course, that doesn’t mean you aren’t very welcome to stay there yourself. Regardless of which rental formula you choose, we extend you an annual two-week stay in your Polish holiday home. You are also free to rent it for your own use beyond that period, regardless of the length of stay.

Just like you, many people are now convinced that Poland offers the best prospects for achieving a solid return from the real estate market over the next 20 years. Still, that can often feel like a step into the unknown. That’s why our advisors from Belgium guide you through the entire process and all the aspects of your investment: location choice, project type, the expenditure and return, the rental options, the tax aspect, etc. Not a single detail is left unsaid, and nothing is left to chance. All to ensure you can enjoy a reliable extra income without worries.


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